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[Fic] Bradley/Colin - If I try to kiss you

Why is this giving me so much grief XD I've reread it so many times I don't even know what's wrong with it anymore (I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with it, but please ignore that.) I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing these silly boys.

They basically really needed to get a clue and have a real conversation. BOYS.

Title: If I try to kiss you (aka: If I try to kiss you will you slap me? [Yes] [No] Please tick appropriate box.)
Author: slowdead
Pairing: Bradley/Colin (Merlin RPS)
Rating: R
Genre: fluff, romance
Word count: ~6.400
Disclaimer: IMPORTANT: This never happened, people belong to themselves (except for original character.) I am not making any money with this; for entertainment purposes only!! CARDS: all by Andre Jordan and can be found on his blog A beautiful revolution. I am not making any money using these cards, I put them in this fic for entertainment purposes only. ALL MADE BY ANDRE JORDAN. Support the artist by buying his books and cards (you can find them online and in Urban Outfitters!)
Summary: Colin and Bradley meet through a mutual friend, start sending each other cards and end up falling for each other. But it's still all rather complicated (possibly because they keep trying to make it complicated.)
Notes: I had so much fun writing this one! I hope you all like it. Comments are greatly appreciated :) All mistakes are mine.

Also: IMAGE HEAVY (sorta,) if there are any problems with the cards (if you can't see them or if they won't load,) please let me know!

Colin’s uncle owns this little shop just outside campus that sells some of the usual things you’d expect in a book store (like the actual books;) but also a bunch of random stuff like novelty pens and cups; and basically all sorts of other knickknacks. Colin likes it there, practically grew up in it, and the fact that he can get all the books in the world doesn’t hurt either.

One of the things Colin always looked forward to most when he was a kid, (after the shipment of new books every Monday of course,) were the cards his uncle sells. They weren’t the average Happy birthday and get well soon cards you can find in just about any shop; Colin’s uncle always took his time selecting special cards that weren’t available just anywhere. Richard often allowed young students from the art department to show him their work, and if he liked it he bought some of their cards to sell in the shop.

Then one day, during Colin’s first year of college, Richard started selling cards by this guy called Andre Jordan. They weren’t spectacular or beautiful, like some of the other cards they sold, but they were probably the funniest Colin had ever seen. Not that they were funny in any traditional way or anything; Colin figured they just matched his sense of humor quite nicely.

Bradley’s never been really good at Monday mornings. He knows it’s clichéd and by god there aren’t many things Bradley detests more than being average; so he gets up at seven in the morning every Monday and bluffs his way through the whole thing. He puts on a smile so bright that he secretly imagines people running away from him completely blind; that’s what Monday-mornings will do to you: they blind.

That’s why one Monday morning, after he’s been fully caffeinated and is still stuffed from the full English breakfast he got in his favorite deli, (and is generally feeling like crap ‘cause it’s still Monday,) he finds himself knocking at Colin and Joe’s door. He will not face misery alone if he can help it.

Bradley has to knock for another three minutes or so before the door swings open, revealing a hastily dressed Colin (he’s wearing his shirt inside out,) who is looking quite murderous. Success. Colin wordlessly lets Bradley in, offers him something to drink (this boy is way too polite, Bradley thinks,) before falling down on his bed again.

“Colin.” Bradley says, poking Colin’s back. “Colin.”

“Hm?” Colin mumbles, “Whut?”

“Where’s Joe?”

Colin rolls over in the bed, facing Bradley now. His (inside-out) shirt rode up on his stomach a little; Bradley snickers. “Joe, Colin, where is he?”

“He didn’t come home last night.” Colin’s grin is wide and a little too suggestive for Bradley’s taste so he simply says: “Uhm, gross,” before sitting down on Joe’s chair. Colin’s chair is almost unrecognizable beneath all the clutter.

Bradley’s known Joe since forever, he can’t even remember when or how they met; Joe’s just sorta always been there. And then they started college and they got different rooms and different roommates. Joe got extremely lucky and ended up with Colin who is (except from some clutter,) the best roommate anyone could ever possibly get. He’s never loud or obnoxious, he’s always polite and incredibly friendly, even to all of Joe’s friends who (Bradley admits) can be extremely vulgar and obnoxious.

Bradley’s a little jealous. His own roommate smells and keeps having sex with his girlfriend in their room and sometimes -Bradley suspects- in Bradley’s bed.

“I have a class in…” Colin starts; then looks over at Bradley and asks: “What time is it?”

“Nine fifty.”

“Ten minutes.” Colin finishes. “And since I’m awake anyway I better go.”

Bradley grins; his Monday morning offensive has ensured that Colin goes to his Monday class (which, Bradley knows for a fact, Colin detests,) so Bradley thinks that’s reason enough to be proud of himself.

Colin gets out of bed and goes through the mess on his desk, how he ever finds anything in there is a mystery to all who dare enter this room. Bradley’s pretty sure stuff of his has gotten lost in the black hole that is Colin’s desk just by proximity.

Bradley’s suspicion is confirmed when Colin suddenly says: “Oh yeah,” and gives Bradley something; Bradley hopes it’s his chemistry textbook, he’s been looking for that everywhere.

It isn’t though; it’s a card.


When Colin gets back from class just after lunch Joe is lying -face down- on his bed; snoring loudly. His jeans are around his ankles (shoes still on) and his shirt is halfway pulled up over his head, his arms awkwardly confined in the shirt.

Colin laughs and texts Bradley, describing the situation quite detailed, and so within minutes Bradley’s up in their room again; taking pictures of Joe with his cell phone.

“If he finds those he’s going to blame me, you know that right?” Colin asks, but he can’t help laughing either.

“No he won’t,” Bradley assures him, “And besides, he honestly shouldn’t expect any less from me. Do you know how many naked pictures he has from me?”

Colin stares.

Bradley’s eyes widen. “Wait that came out wrong, didn’t it? Let’s just say this is a warped little tradition me and Joe have got going on.” He laughs and sits down on Joe’s chair again.

Colin thinks back at his friends back home and how he hadn’t really met anyone like Joe or Bradley, or any of their other friends, before coming to college. He isn’t sure if he’s happy that his childhood got spared from (obviously) weird pranks and embarrassing pictures, or if he feels like he somehow missed out. He definitely can’t deny the flood of warmth he feels whenever Joe and Bradley include him in whatever they’re doing.

Joe wakes up shortly after; not cross but grinning and full of stories of what happened last night. Colin doesn’t really care about hearing that stuff and judging by the faces Bradley’s pulling Bradley would rather hear about something else too.

On a Friday Bradley crashes Colin’s art history class. He’s going out with Joe and Colin later and he’s tired of sitting in his room listening to his roommate having phone sex. Bradley sometimes wonders if anyone would notice (or mind) if he’d drag his mattress in Joe’s room and just sleep there for the rest of the year.

He creeps in through the back and sits directly behind Colin. Colin always sits in the same spot, Bradley doesn’t know what that’s all about - it seems a little OCD to Bradley but whatever- it makes it easier for Bradley to find Colin whenever he crashes one of his classes.

Colin hasn’t noticed him yet and so Bradley settles back in his seat and listens to the lecture for a couple of minutes before deciding that yes, this class is still as boring as Bradley remembered it being. He grabs something out of his bag and throws it on Colin’s desk.


Colin twists his neck to read what it says before taking the card and turning that around instead. He laughs and looks behind him. Bradley grins and gives him the thumbs up.

Art history might be sort of a sissy class, it’s given by one of the biggest bullies Bradley has ever seen. This professor hes a reputation of making students run out of the auditorium crying; Bradley himself has witnessed it several times already. (Yeah, he crashes Colin’s classes quite often.) And so it doesn’t surprise him that Colin turns around again without saying a word and sends him a text message instead.

What are you doing here? You’re in my classes more often than in your own; how do you explain that?

Bradley replies: Ben’s having phone sex in our room :s and then I was bored all alone. and then In your classes I don’t feel the same: "I have to pass this exam" pressure and so it’s actually kind of relaxing.

You could have crashed Joe’s class?

Ewww, Biology?

Bradley sees Colin shake his head before he replies again: Where did you get the card?

Your uncle told me you love this guy. Then Bradley sends: In a non sexual way I hope.

You know, I bet he has a card that says that. Colin replies.

Bradley likes Richard; Colin used to take Bradley to the shop sometimes when he needed to pick something up (mostly a books,) or when he just wanted to say hi to his uncle. Lately Bradley’s been going there on his own too, he used to buy his books in one of the other bookstores but Richard always gives him a good deal and Bradley quite likes being around the guy.

Yesterday he’d been chatting with Richard for a good 20 minutes when he’d noticed the card Colin had given him a couple of weeks before. He’d taken a look at the other cards from the same guy and Bradley suddenly understood why Colin liked him so much.

Joe takes them out to a bar that night, in celebration of something Colin can’t quite remember by the time the night is over. It’s a regular night out, or as regular as it gets with these guys. Darren and Peter are there too, giving Bradley a hard time and teasing him about absolutely everything. It’s hard to bring Bradley down though and so he just laughs and joins in on all the joking.

Colin always admired that about Bradley; not that he can’t join in when his friends are having a laugh in his expense; Bradley just always does it with so much grace and makes it seem so easy.

Colin orders them another round; Bradley crowds him in their booth and laughs against his neck and in his ear. Colin fists his hands in Bradley’s shirt and laughs too; even though he isn’t sure he remembers what they were laughing about in the first place.

Bradley wakes up the next morning with a huge chunk of his memory missing. For a moment he can’t even remember his name or what life was like without this splitting headache. He takes a deep breath only to suddenly have a mouth full of hair. Bradley pushes at the source of the hair and struggles to open his crusted eyes. Finally he manages to push whatever away and open his eyes in time to see Joe falling out of the bed.

Bradley winces; Joe just keeps snoring.

Bradley rubs at his face and shrugs to himself. What Joe doesn’t know can’t hurt him; except that that fall down probably did bruise him a little and therefore will hurt him a later.

Bradley stares down to see that there’s a card taped to his chest.


It takes Bradley a good 20 minutes to find his cell phone. (He spends the first 12 minutes waiting for the room to stop spinning enough for him to stand up.)

I can’t believe you touched my naked chest while I was sleeping. Is what he sends Colin first; then he sends his sister a text telling her to let their parents know he probably won’t be coming home this weekend.

Bradley walks to his own room to get his toothbrush and stuff, he really needs a shower.

How come you’re up and out already? You had as many drinks as I did.

Still no answer. Bradley worries for a moment that maybe they left Colin somewhere last night. That would be too strange though, because why would he be sleeping in Joe’s bed if Colin’s bed was free?

WHERE ARE YOU? he sends eventually before hopping in the shower.

When he gets out of the shower (already feeling heaps better, thank you very much steaming hot water) a text message is waiting for him. @Richard’s. I promised I’d help him out on Saturday, I don’t remember what happened last night but my face hurts.

Bending down to open the boxes is destroying Colin’s head; he can only try and calculate how many brain cells he killed yesterday night and mourn them silently as he puts more books on the shelves. This is usually the best part of his weekend but this weekend he’s just groaning in agony with every move he makes. His uncle had not been impressed by the state he was in when he’d showed up two hours late this morning.

“You look worse than I feel.”

Colin startles and drops one of the books on his foot. “Oh bloody-” He turns around and halfheartedly glares at Bradley.

“Hell.” Bradley finishes for him, grinning smugly. “I come in peace, Colin, no need to sissy-swear at me.” As to prove his point Bradley holds up the two paper bags that are currently filling the shop with the most wonderful smell of Earl Grey tea and fresh bagels.

Colin can’t stay mad after that, as Bradley had planned all along.

“How’s Joe?” Colin asks around a mouthful of his scone. Bradley brought scones; he’s quite awesome and pleased with himself right now as Colin practically moans with every bite he takes.

“Uhm.” Bradley says, “He was still sleeping when I left.”

Colin grunts something in response while sipping from his cup of tea.

“Hey, how did I end up in you guys’ room?” Bradley asks, staring at the wall of cards behind Colin.

“We passed by your room first but Ben was in there… and not alone if you catch my drift.”

Bradley groans. “Happy not to remember that; although there are plenty of memories from other occasions that are now surfacing.” He makes a face and Colin snickers.

When Colin gets home that afternoon Joe’s gone and there’s a card on his pillow.


On the back it says (in Bradley’s messy handwriting – though Colin can tell he put some effort in this:) Yes, that’s your scrawny wrist right there.

Colin puts the postcard on his desk together with his coat and bag and texts Bradley. My wrists aren’t scrawny. And taking a few art classes doesn’t make me artistic by the way.

Bradley simply answers: Four.

Four what?

Art classes, Colin.

The next morning Joe hands him over another card; he’s brushing his teeth and tells Colin (tooth brush still in his mouth and everything - it’s strangely endearing-) “Someone shoved this under our door this morning; I figured it was for you.”


Joe rinses. “With you being the artsy one and all.”

Colin grins down at the card and shakes his head.

“Who’s it from?”

“Oh, just Bradley.” Colin says, trying to remember what other new cards his uncle got two days ago.

“Bradley?” Joe frowns, “Since when does he give anyone anything?” He snorts.

Colin shrugs, “It’s kind of an inside joke I guess.”

“Hang on a minute” Joe looks lost, “Since when are you guys getting inside jokes? You and I don’t even have an inside joke yet!”

“Sure we do: Hey Joe, remember that time you didn’t have any pants on.”

Joe pouts and sits down on his bed, “That’s not between you and me that’s between me and everyone I know.”

Colin gives Joe a pat on the back and says: “We’ll find something else then.”

Colin spends the rest of the day thinking about what sort of card he should get Bradley. He eats lunch with Katie after his morning class and tells her about the cards. She looks at him in a peculiar way but doesn’t say anything about it. Colin doesn’t want to push her but he’s still sort of wary about what she might be thinking. Katie’s thoughts, Colin has discovered throughout the years, are often very dangerous and mysteriously correct.

After his afternoon class Colin walks to the bookstore and spends another half an hour halfheartedly talking to Richard while staring at the cards before he can make up his mind.


They have sex in Bradley’s room that night.

Bradley’s pretty sure that the passion must have been real strong at the time because there wasn’t one moment he considered stopping; or maybe he was just really really horny.

It’s only now, afterwards when he’s alone in his room, that he really allows himself to think about what happened; and then he panics.

His friend Darren always told him that the worst thing he could do was lose his virginity to a virgin. Someone with experience, according to Darren, was good; but a prostitute was even better. Bradley isn’t sure why he’s friends with Darren actually. He never pays for his own drinks and has punched Bradley in the mouth on several occasions. He was sorta right about this though, Bradley thinks. Having sex with someone who knows what they're doing probably would have made last night slightly less uncomfortable at times.

There was a lot of wincing and awkward silences and just general badness.

But then on the other hand Bradley can’t imagine a prostitute with lips like Colin’s; so full and downright slutty, if you take some time out to really think about them. Bradley doesn’t think there’d be any prostitutes with Colin’s hips either. Bradley quite likes them now that he’d been up close and personal with them; they were a pair of rather nice hips. Bradley especially liked the way they’d felt under his hands when he’d gripped them tightly; and suddenly Bradley wonders if he left and bruises on Colin.

And this really shouldn’t be speeding up his heartbeat like it is.

It was also kind of nice that Colin wasn’t experienced, because now Bradley hadn’t felt so silly about it being over so fast since Colin had finished just as soon.

Truth is; Bradley hadn’t really known he'd wanted things with Colin to go in that direction until they’d already been tangled up in the sheets and now he didn’t seem to be able to stop thinking about Colin and those slutty lips and what they did. It’s all starting to get a little too much for Bradley.

And so when Colin comes by that afternoon Bradley behaves somewhat like a total asshole.

“Joe sent me.” Colin grins, “He’s desperately trying to finish that paper that was due the day before yesterday or something, and he needs some of your notes. He said he couldn’t come himself because he needs every second of every minute to write.” Colin’s smile turns somewhat shy. “But I told him I didn’t mind coming over.”

All Bradley gets from that is Why yes Bradley, I do in fact have slutty lips and a pair of luscious hips that I’m conveniently hiding underneath these baggy jeans.

“Wha- oh the notes, yeah, Joe texted me about those.” Bradley turns away from Colin and quickly retrieves those notes from his bag. He hands them over to Colin and tries smiling, the way Colin’s own smile falls a bit and his eyes turn all worried tell Bradley that he’s probably looking like an idiot.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah!” Bradley says quickly, “Totally fine, yeah, totally.”

“Okay ‘cause you look a little…” Colin steps a little closer to Bradley.

“No, don’t worry about me. You should probably get those notes back to Joe, right?” Bradley nods and steps back.

Before Colin can say anything else Bradley thumps him on the shoulder and says: “Okay, bye mate.” And closes the door behind Colin.

He’s so incredibly screwed.

Colin stares at his cell phone and deletes the lonely Hey he’d typed out over ten minutes ago. He’s already deleted the Why don’t you come over?; I miss you.; I’m sorry, okay? and You’re such an idiot. But the only thing he can think is: I’m such a bloody idiot.

“For the fifth time – and I want you to answer me this time; what’s wrong?” Joe asks, chucking a pillow at Colin’s head.

Colin glares at Joe, “You have to finish this paper, Joe.”

“My roommate means more to me than a stupid paper; and right now my roommate is looking like crap.”

“So is your paper.”

Colin does feel bad about making Joe worry but it’s not like he can go somewhere else to pout, that would be a little ridiculous. Besides, he’s tried that already and Katie was not amused by him lying on her bed sulking.

“It’s late four days already, I doubt one more day will make or break my grades, you know.”

Colin shrugs.

“Tell me or go be emo somewhere else,” Joe groans, obviously frustrated.

“I’m just an idiot,” Colin says; but he doesn’t want to say more so he gets up and grabs his coat, “Fine, I’ll go to the supermarket, want something?”

Colin opens the door the exact moment Bradley's trying to slide a card under it.

“Uhm.” Colin says, “Hi.”

Bradley scrambles up flushes adorably. Well, not adorably really just very red and… yeah –it’s adorable. Colin really can’t help it.

“Hi.” Bradley says, and Colin doesn’t know why he’s hiding the card behind his back now, they both know Colin saw it. “You’re going out?”

“He’s going to the supermarket,” Joe calls from his desk, “You should go with and find out what’s making him pull that someone killed my puppy face.”

Colin scowls.

“I think I’ll do that,” Bradley says.

Bradley doesn’t like shopping, he hates buying clothes and socks and whatever people buy when they go shopping. He does, however, really enjoy going to the supermarket. It’s a little strange and it’s not like he’s in the supermarket every day of the week or something; he just feels like he can relax there. It must be being this close to all the food, Bradley reasons.

Bradley takes grocery shopping quite serious too, he goes through every isle methodically, envisioning what he needs and how much. He even has his own shopping cart system.

They’re already at the frozen foods section when Bradley realizes Colin hasn’t said anything yet. He guesses he should probably say something first either way, he was the one who got all awkward and weird to Colin in the first place.

It’s not like he could really help it though, how can anyone expect him to talk to Colin when he can’t form actual words and sentences around the guy anymore. (Sentences that aren’t: I don’t know how it happened but I’m suddenly very crazy about you.)

“Uhm, you haven’t taken anything yet,” Bradley says instead.

“I didn’t really need anything, Joe just wanted me out of there. He’s still writing that paper.” Colin explains.

Bradley wants to say: About last Monday but he doesn’t know how to finish that without making a fool out of himself; and Bradley James is not about to make a fool out of himself in the middle of a supermarket.

Instead he just stops walking and takes the card out of his back pocket and hands it over to Colin.


Colin stares at him a little incredulous and so eventually Bradley adds: “Sorry.”

Colin finally breaks the stare and starts smiling; and even with all the pleasure Bradley gets out of grocery shopping he doesn’t think he’s ever been this happy in a supermarket before.

“Yeah.” Colin says.

Bradley doesn’t think he’s ever been kissed in a supermarket before either; he's happy he decided to try that out now.

Things turn a little hectic after that.

The next Monday finals start and Colin’s never been this stressed out in his entire life. There aren’t enough minutes in the hours and not enough seconds in the minutes. Colin feels like he’s running on licorice, crisps and the sheer willpower to stay alive. The whole time he doesn’t see anyone except for Joe (and he talks to Katie on the phone maybe once.)

Joe’s not doing very well, stress makes him unbearable to be around and so Colin tries to sleep while Joe studies and study while Joe sleeps. It doesn’t always go very well and Joe ends up running out of the room screaming once or twice.

He texts Bradley all the time though, his belly doing strange flips whenever his mobile buzzes. Bradley seems to be coping surprisingly well, he tells Colin that he has study systems too. He won't share them though.

Colin’s done with exams fairly soon though, they'd all been packed together -which was pure torture- but it also means he gets to start his vacation first out of all his friends. On the afternoon of his last exam he goes to Bradley’s room for the first time in what feels years.

“Oh, thank God it’s you.” Bradley mumbles, he leans into Colin for a second before pulling back. “I’m dying.” Bradley announces quietly.

Colin peers inside of Bradley’s room and sees Ben at his own desk. “How many do you have left?”

Bradley groans: “Three more. You’re done aren’t you? Ugh, I don’t even want to see you.” But he’s still smiling, he can’t fool Colin.

“I can be your moral support?” Colin asks.

Bradley steps back a little and shakes his head. “I’m pretty sure you’d be a bad influence on me.”

Colin doubts that. He’d be happy if he could just sit in Bradley’s room for a while, get away from Joe for just a couple of hours (‘cause really, he loves the kid, but he’s kinda getting sick of him now) and actually spends some time with Bradley for the first time since the supermarket incident-thing. Colin's unsure about what to call it.

Colin’s still a little fuzzy on what actually happened there and how that changes things but he’s pretty sure that everything is better now than when Bradley was painfully avoiding him.

Ben starts complaining soon after, and they decide it would be better for everyone if Bradley would just go to Colin’s room and study there (while making sure Joe doesn’t suffocate himself.) Bradley gets Colin’s desk, which is for once delightfully empty (since Colin stuffed all his school books and notes in the back of his closet in a moment of it’s all over euphoria.)

Colin is content with sitting on his bed and watching Bradley and Colin, occasionally talking with either or both of them for a little while. Bradley and Joe don’t seem to appreciate it though and after he asks them if they want something to drink or eat for the third time in twenty minutes Bradley groans in distress and Joe somewhat explodes; and Colin finds himself being thrown out of his own room with nothing but his wallet and cell phone in his pockets.

“What’s up, Colin?” Colin looks away from his dorm room door he’s been dejectedly staring at for five minutes -while trying to figure out where he should be going now- to see Santiago smiling at him.

“I just got kicked out of my room.” Colin informs him somberly.

Santiago is in all Colin’s art classes and, just like Colin, done with all his exams. Santiago isn’t only an amazingly nice guy, but his family’s also loaded and therefore has a single room. Colin’s forever grateful when Santiago invites him in.

Bradley’s close to shoving a pencil in his eye; this is what hell must feel like. Hell on earth. He looks down at his textbook and runs his finger over the edge, groaning at the number of pages he still has to finish. He would just go to bed and face the music tomorrow, but Bradley just isn't a quitter. And so he bravely sharpens his pencil and continues.

When Colin walks back in the room a couple of minutes later Bradley is even happier than he usually would be to see the boy.

“Don’t worry,” Colin says immediately, holding up his arms in defense, “I’m just grabbing some stuff and then I’m out of your hair again.”

Bradley frowns at the clock, “It’s 2 AM… please don’t tell me you’re gonna go sleep with Ben in my room.”

Colin grabs some DVDs, some clothes and his bag to stuff everything in. “Nah, I’m going to sleep at a Santiago's room, he’s got a single.” Colin frowns in Joe’s direction. “Hey, Joe!” he says to their snoring friend.

Colin walks over to shake Joe’s shoulder. “Go to sleep in your bed or keep studying, okay?”

“Okay.” Joe mumbles, he lies back down on the desk and continues snoring.

“Uhm, keep him awake, yeah?” Colin asks, before running out of the room again.

Bradley stares at the door Colin just slammed close. Huh.

Santiago has the most gorgeous girlfriend; and just like Santiago she isn’t only beautiful but incredibly nice too.

“Oh come on,” Angel says, “Go out to dinner with us.”

“I wouldn’t want to be the third wheel on a date,” Colin says. He wonders why he can’t seem to stop blushing around her.

“It’s not a date, Colin!” She says.

“It’s not?” Santiago asks, frowning.

Colin laughs and sips from the soda Angels brought him earlier.

“Stop pushing the guy, Ange.” Santiago says, pulling his girlfriend in a hug.

Colin thinks about how Bradley’s doing. Later, when Santiago and Angel are out to dinner, Colin has dinner with Katie at Richard's. When Colin goes back to Santiago's room he passes by his own to slip a card underneath the door.


Don’t try anything weird in my bed. He writes on the back.

Half an hour later he gets a text that says: Disgusting! Joe’s still here you know.

Bradley’s a reasonable person, no honestly he is. Maybe he can react in a somewhat exaggerated or unnecessary dramatic way -at first- but usually he can rationalize things if he takes a while (or a couple of days) to think about them (process them, if you will.)

Bradley, however, can’t rationalize this. At all.

Where’s Colin?” He asks Joe again.

“With that Santiago dude,” Joe says, yawning into a book.

“Isn’t that where he’s been for the last four days?”

“I think so, where else has he been sleeping?” Joe asks.

“Didn’t he know my last exam was this morning?”

“Ugh,” Joe says, “First of: I hate you for being done. Second: why should he care?” He scowls, “Stop trying to get my roommate to be your new best friend, that’s so not cool. You have your own roommate.”

“He’s not my new best friend.” Bradley grits out.

“And I love you too,” Joe says flatly, “But now that you’re finished can you please go back to your own room and leave me be for the next 20 hours?”

Bradley stares at the door Joe just slammed shut in his face; his mind is still stuck on Colin’s with Santiago instead of me though.

Where are you? Bradley texts Colin on his way to his own room. Ben already packed his stuff and went home yesterday; Bradley likes the prospect of quiet.

Santiago’s room, why?

I don’t know, maybe I was wondering where my supposed boyfriend was after I just finished my last exam? Bradley deletes the message and spends a good hour sulking in his room.

Bradley isn’t very good at sulking though, sulking asks for a lot of sitting still and pondering and stuff. And Bradley’s bad at both those things, especially the latter one. So instead he decides to take matters into his own hands and go punch this Santiago guy in the mouth for taking all of Colin’s time like that.

No, honestly, Bradley is a reasonable person.

When a guy opens the door (shirt half open; as if a fully clothed version of him wouldn’t have been impressive enough,) Bradley finds himself staring, possibly mouth open.

A lot of things had lodged themselves in Bradley’s head on the short walk to the room where Colin had been staying for the past couple of nights; but the possibility that this Santiago guy could be very handsome had never really occurred to Bradley.

“Uhm,” Bradley says, “Is Colin here?”

“Oh he just left, you must be Joe right?”

Bradley makes a face, “Uhm no, I’m Bradley." And he doesn't know why but he quickly adds: "Colin’s boyfriend.” Which he technically is. They kissed, had sex and then kissed again in a grocery store; Bradley might be new to homosexual (or any) relationships but he figures that at least was a very good start. (Except for the part where Bradley tried to ignore Colin for a couple of days and kept calling him mate and buddy in a weak attempt to keep any romantic feelings away.

Judging by Santiago’s face Colin has not mentioned him yet. Great.

“He just left actually,” Santiago says; and then -after a long silence- “Do you maybe want to come in?”

Oh God, he's polite too.

“Uhm no, I’m good.” Bradley doesn’t want to get close enough to this guy to know if he smells as nice as he looks.

Colin is used to getting anywhere between 3 and 7 unread text messages whenever he turns on his cellphone again; he has this bad habit of turning off his cell phone and then forgetting he did so. Usually he only remembers to turn it back on when he suddenly wonders what Bradley's doing.

Bradley is addicted to text messaging, Colin thinks. He’s very fast at it too, so fast in fact that he always sends texts before he’s said everything he wanted to say. That’s why people don’t get a message from Bradley, they get at least two (most probably three or four.) Not that Colin minds.

This time it’s not Bradley’s messages though that surprise Colin, it’s the fact that he’s got one from Santiago (who’s room he only just left.) For a moment Colin worries if lately he only wants to hang out with weirdos and mobile phone abusers.

Your boyfriend was just here, it reads, he looked upset; thought I’d let you know.

Huh. Who? Bradley?

Yeah, Bradley. (You do only have one boyfriend, right?)

Colin finds Bradley and they have a fight.

Bradley gives him nonsense excuses for being all moody and Colin accuses Bradley of being a coward and never, ever knowing what he wants.

“You want everything, that you’re problem. You can’t even manage to make simple decisions like which classes you want to take.” Colin says.

“Yeah, sorry for not being an art student like your buddy Santiago.” And Colin doesn’t even know what that means.

All he knows is that he wanted to see Bradley, and instead of having a nice afternoon together Bradley keeps picking stupid fights with him and Colin’s just frustrated beyond belief.

Colin wants to yell at Bradley, accuse him of every nasty and mean thing he can think of but he just can't. Instead he just closes his eyes and counts to ten, very slowly, to keep himself from walking out.

If he wants this thing between them to work (and he does,) he’ll have to learn to live with the fact that Bradley has this way of thinking and processing things that's probably still foreign to any and all psychologist; and now it’s basically Colin’s job to try and figure out how that head of his works.

Colin rubs his eyes and says (to a surprisingly quiet Bradley) “You’re a complicated fellow, aren’t you?”

Bradley stares. He is not; he’s simple like a real man should be. Or that’s what his uncle always used to tell him; then again his uncle never got married and always smelled like whiskey.

Colin locks the door and Bradley feels his face heating up. “What are you doing?!” He somewhat squeaks. His uncle never said anything about real men and squeaking so Bradley figures he’s save.

“I’m locking your door so we won’t be disturbed by whoever while you explain me what’s going on here. It’s also locked to make sure you, or I, don’t run.”

Ah. Not what Bradley had expected.

“Bradley,” Colin’s eyes soften a bit, “I’m really trying to do whatever it is you want here." He says. "We sleep together and… it's real great but the next day you act all weird around me. But then we go to that supermarket and you kiss me again and I think: so maybe he does want this and I’m not a total idiot. But then this afternoon you first tell someone you've never met before that you’re my boyfriend and then when I come over to see what's wrong you pick a fight with me. I’m just really,” Colin bites his lip, “confused here, so you’re gonna have to tell me what you want me to do, okay?”

Bradley wants to ask Colin if he thinks Bradley isn't totally confused by all of this; but he keeps his mouth shut 'cause he realizes that Colin isn’t actually confused about that night; just about all the things Bradley’s done ever since.

Bradley basically feels like a giant asshole. Again.

“You’re not an idiot,” Bradley says, “I am.” And he goes over to his desk and gets out his last card.


“I bought this,” Bradley says, “Weeks ago. And at the time I didn’t even know why I bought it. It was just there, all of a sudden, in my bag, and I honest to god didn’t know what to do with it. I was afraid someone would find it, that you’d find it and so I hid it. And then that night happened and ever since then I suddenly understood why I’d bought it and I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. And about you.”

Colin doesn’t really say anything; just stares down at the card for a couple more minutes.

“In case you were wondering,” Bradley adds, “I’m the one with the hat, and you’re the one calling me a weirdo.”

“I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t call you weird if you asked me to be your boyfriend.” Colin says.

Honestly, Bradley thinks, and feels his heart swell uncomfortably.

“If you’d ask me to be your girlfriend, however…” Colin says, reaching out for Bradley.

“They don’t make gay ones,” Bradley says, taking Colin’s hand, “I checked.”

“So are you gonna ask me?” Colin asks.

“Are you gonna say yes?”

And in the end it’s a good thing that Colin locked the door.

Colin kisses his way up Bradley’s neck, hot and insistent, and Bradley’s hands slide down to grab at Colin’s hip. They stumble to the bed and don’t even bother with taking off any clothes, they simply shove anything that’s in the way up or down and pant in each other’s mouths the whole time.

It’s nothing like Bradley remembered it being the first time; it’s so much better.

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