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[Fic] Bradley/Colin - I don't ever have to leave (4 drabbles)

Quick set of drabbles to celebrate the end of my exams yay! (Unbeta-ed like always!)

Title: I don't ever have to leave
Author: slowdead
Pairing: Bradley/Colin (Merlin RPS)
Genre: Drabble - Au - Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: As always, this never happened and I'm not making any money with it. Cards by Adre Jordan, check out his blog a beautiful revolution. Support him by buying his books or cards online or in Urban Outfitters!
Summary: Five drabbles for my card!verse. Read chapters one and two.
Notes: Hope you like 'em! Title from the song Islands by the XX's


Bradley realizes that doing things like buying a Men’s Python Bikini for your boyfriend is pretty much not done after him and Colin have been sleeping together for two months.

It’s Colin’s birthday and people have been drinking since ten P.M. new year’s eve - Bradley had insisted on only celebrating Colin’s birthday starting from 3.15 A.M. thought, because that’s when Colin was born.

It’s the look on Colin’s face right after he’s opened his gift, a little confused and all polite smiles and thanks – there’s just no amusement anywhere to be seen on his face. And Bradley regrets it immediately. And then later, it gets even worse, because Colin’s really drunk and when he’s drunk he gets flirty, and when Colin gets flirty Bradley always feels so hopelessly lost.

Colin’s standing there, in the middle of Bradley’s room and he actually put the underwear on. It looks completely ridiculous and isn’t sexy at all, but try telling that to Bradley’s cock (which is, quite frankly, ready to go whenever he sees as much as one of Colin’s nipples.)

After; after they’re still panting harshly against each other’s necks, pressed together on the small bed, Bradley’s heart sinks. “That wasn’t your real present, you know.” He whispers. “I got you something awesome, something you’ll love.” He lies.

Colin mumbles something in reply against his neck, probably too drunk to remember anything Bradley said in the morning. Still, Bradley feels a little better; he falls asleep thinking of what to really get Colin.


Bradley tells people his favorite movie is Die Hard.

Colin knows Bradley does like Die Hard just fine, it’s just not his favorite movie. His favorite is actually Catwoman. Colin also knows why, knows that Bradley has the biggest crush on Halle Berry.

Once Colin found this folder on Bradley's computer that has more than 400 pictures of her. He indulges Bradley and watches Catwoman with him over and over again. Occasionally he even teases Bradley with it, likes the way it makes Bradley flush all over and look away as he stutters on.

One night they watch the movie with a bunch of friends, all packed up in a tiny dorm room, it was actually Angel’s idea and she went to get her own copy from her room as Bradley refused to admit he had a copy right there in his room too. Half way through Joe starts mocking the movie, and Halle Berry.

Colin notices just how quiet a room can get when Bradley’s not joining in on the discussion.

Colin looks at Bradley’s face and decides to take a cheap shot by pointing out Joe’s (admittedly weird) fascination for Daisy Duck and how Colin thinks she wouldn’t have been able to pull off the role. The room bursts out in laughter and Colin is rewarded by the brightest grin Bradley has ever given him.


When he takes Colin home for the very first time it takes about three minutes for Bradley to storm off into the kitchen. His mother is grinning, bright and happy, and Colin is momentarily stunned by how much Bradley looks like his mother – both on the outside as on the inside. Bradley emerges from the kitchen a couple of minutes later with a cup of tea for Colin before ushering him upstairs to his bedroom. “Can you believe that woman?” Bradley demands after he’s closed the door.

Colin just smirks and sips from his tea.

Colin likes it at Bradley’s house. Likes his mother and his father, even likes his old cad Tom, who doesn’t like anyone except for Colin it seems. Colin scratches behind Tom’s ear and Bradley stares at him as he purrs. “He’s an excellent judge of character.” Colin concludes cheerfully, doesn’t miss the affectionate smile that crosses Bradley’s face.



That’s not gonna work.” Colin mumbles, but crawls into bed next to Bradley anyway. He kisses Bradley’s hair and runs his hands over Bradley’s back. “What’s wrong?”

Bradley tells him that he hates the winter and he hates the snow (it was fun for maybe one week,) and he just wants the sun and spring to be there. But most of all he wants summer break to be there and he wants to take Colin on vacation somewhere warm and sunny so they can stay in their air-conditioned hotel and just have sex and order room service all day but he can’t because it’s winter and even if it were summer he still wouldn’t be able to do just that because he’s broke and Colin’s gonna leave him for someone rich any day now.

Colin just continues rubbing his back and presses encouraging kisses to his head every now and then.

So yeah, I’m depressed.”> Bradley concludes.

“Okay,” Colin says, takes off his shirt and kisses Bradley until he stops sulking.

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& for those interested just google Men's python bikini
Tags: bradley/colin, card verse, fic, merlin
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