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[Fic] Bradley/Colin - Valentine's

Whatever, I'm a romantic and so I love Valentine's day, okay? XD I can't help it in the least. I'm single so I don't really have anyone to spend Valentine's with, so I have to have fun some another way (like by writing Valentine's day drabbles and making pink-cupcakes :D) If you're interested in how my pink cupcakes turned out: Check out my tumblr.

Don't pay attention to mistakes and typos XD was written rather quickly

Title: Valentine's
Author: slowdead
Pairing: Bradley/Colin (Merlin RPS)
Genre: romance - fluff (some AU, some not-Au)
Word count: X drabbles with a total word count of 1.400 words
Disclaimer: This never happened, written for fun, no money is being made by this. Card: like always by the talented Andre Jordan. (His site here.)
Summary: Different Valentine's in different universes.
Notes: Some of these drabbles are written with one of my previous fics in mind (like my Baker!Colin fic and my Card'verse. I've indicated that before the drabbles!)

Bradley/Colin; AU; 100 words.

“I hate snow.” Bradley’s sitting on the floor in the living room, his forehead resting against the window. Colin shuffles over -in his warmest socks- to stand next to him, he puts his hand in Bradley’s hair and Bradley sags sideways against Colin’s legs. He presses his face in Colin’s sweatpants leg and inhales deeply. His forehead is cold.

“No you don’t.” Colin tells him.

Bradley scowls and looks up. “I do right now. I had plans.”

Colin bends down and kisses the top of Bradley’s head. “I know.”

“I made schedules and diagrams.” Bradley scowls.

“I know.” Colin smiles.

Bradley/Colin; AU; 130 words.

Saying your boyfriend is a bad gift giver is somewhere up there with saying they’re a bad dressers or a crappy kisser.

It’s only logical that it should never be said out loud.

Colin knows this, but sometimes it’s still hard. He has to bite his lip when Bradley gets him two ceramic dolphins holding a heart for Valentine’s Day.

Colin stares down at the dolphins in horror and tries to remember if maybe he accidentally said something about liking dolphins around Bradley once, nothing comes to mind.

Bradley’s grinning though, proud and happy, so Colin just smiles back and kisses him. It’s probably still the best present Bradley’s ever given him. If it’s up to Colin Bradley will have many more Valentine’s Days, Christmases and birthday to practice, anyway.

Bradley/Colin; AU; Baker!Colin verse (1st ficlet); 210 words.

“I hate Valentine’s Day.” Colin announces when he walks through the door at 9 P.M. on Valentine’s day. He drops his bag and coat on the floor and toes his shoes off before sauntering into the living room. He flops down on the couch and buries his face in Bradley’s lap.

“Yeah?” Bradley asks sympathetically, “Busy day at work, huh?”

Colin groans, “There were people in the shop nonstop, all day. I like people, I love people even; but there were so many of them and they got cranky when we sold out of my special valentine’s day cupcakes.” Colin peers one eye open and looks up at Bradley, “They were pink with little red hearts on top and were filled with strawberry jam.” Bradley purses his lips in an impressed-O. “By 2 we ran out of chocolates and so I quickly had to whip up a new batch of cupcakes.” Colin lets out a long sigh and turns his head towards the television.

That’s when he spots the giant present on the coffee table.

“You got me something?” He asks Bradley, eyes wide as he scrambles out of the couch in a fury of limbs. “I love Valentine’s Day.” He grins as he rips open the red wrapping paper.

Bradley/Colin; non-AU but pre-slash ; 100 words.

Colin comes home from a spectacularly bad day (which involved a mad dog and a very unexpected lightning storm,) to a voicemail message from Bradley.

“Hi Colin. I was calling you to see if you were home - which you’re not. You’re probably out on a date or something, it is valentine’s day after all… If you are out, on a date that is, I hope you’re having a good time. If you’re not uhm, then I’ll wish you a happy Valentine’s day.” Colin hears Bradley cough. “So… Happy Valentine’s Day.”

And maybe today is not that bad after all.

Bradley/Colin; AU but pre-slash; 180 words.

Bradley never really paid attention to the quiet boy with the messy haircut before; but that all changed the day Johnny threw a paper ball against Bradley’s forehead during fourth period English, and suddenly Bradley realized he’d just spent the last ten minutes staring at the tips of the boy’s ears.

After that it became increasingly impossible to stop staring, or dreaming about him.

Some dreams were innocent; they were more like a general wondering about what he was like, and sometimes about what he smelled like. Other not-so-innocent dreams often involved the boy’s thighs and had Bradley waking up sweaty and sticky.

The card Bradley gets that Valentine’s day is yellow. Bradley puts the envelope to his forehead and closes his eyes, whispering please be that boy, please be that boy.

When Bradley opens his eyes again the boy’s looking at him, smiling.

The card ends up being from this girl called Karin. It doesn’t matter, Bradley still musters up enough courage to introduce himself to the boy, who has this one dimple in his cheek when he smiles.

Bradley/Colin; non-AU; 140 words.

“I thought it was one of those things where you said you hated Valentine’s Day, but if I didn’t show up and with something you’d be mad at me or something!”

Colin stares at Bradley, standing outside his doorway, holding the biggest plush dog Colin has ever seen. It’s holding a big heart that says I wove you very much.

“And so you got me the biggest thing in the shop?”

“Yeah?” Bradley looks completely miserable and Colin takes pity on him. He pulls Bradley inside, gets him out of his wet clothes and gives him a nice hot coffee.

“Thank you,” Colin tells him, holding onto the dog, “That was really nice of you.”

Well it is, and the plush dog is really soft too. And Colin’s just happy that Bradley starts grinning at him again, and kisses him.

Bradley/Colin; non-AU; 120 words.

“I love it when you say my name,” Bradley giggles as he down another shot.

“My name?” Colin asks. They stare at each other and burst out laughing.

“Bradley James.” Bradley says, sounding exasperated in between giggles.

“Bradley James.” Colin repeats, but with a British accent.

No.” Bradley whines, “Do it –do it in your voice.”

“Bradley James?” Colin tries again in his natural accent.

Bradley grins: “Yes, exactly! Like that.”

And Bradley leans forward and presses their lips together.

“Weren’t we getting shit faced together because we were depressed about not having dates on Valentine’s?” Colin whispers against Bradley’s lips.

“And you said getting drunk wouldn’t fix our problems.” Bradley chuckles.

Colin bursts out into another fit of giggles.

Bradley/Colin; AU but pre-slash; 180 words.

The Friday before Valentine’s Day Colin gives Bradley’s four year old daughter Samantha a red rose.

Colin works in Bradley’s building, but in a different department. One day they ran into each other in an elevator, and ever since then they’ve been making little trips to each other’s floors from time to time.

“Don’t give her things,” Bradley tells him when he sees Sam’s giant smiles, “She’s already smitten with you enough.”

Colin blushes, “It’s Valentine’s day. Every girl deserves to get a flower on Valentine’s day.”

Sam runs off to Doris, the secretary, to show off her present.

“Thanks,” Bradley tells Colin, “That was really nice of you.”

“Oh, I try.” Colin grins. “Well, I got you something too.” Colin scratches the back of his head and gives Bradley a card. “It’s a card.” Colin says, and grins again.

Bradley stares down at it, “Thank you. That’s really…”

“Nice?” Colin asks, he chuckles. “I try.”

Colin waves at them when he leaves the office building, leaving Bradley standing there quite dazed, his heart beating a little quicker than normal. .

Bradley/Colin; AU Card’Verse; 240 words.


Colin got Bradley the watch he’s been talking about for weeks, chocolates and a gorgeous card. Bradley got Colin a card with an ass on and Happy Valentine’s Day scribbled on the back.

Colin gapes at Bradley’s guilty looking face for a while. “You forgot, didn’t you?” He either forgot, or thought giving Colin a card with an ass on it was the right move on Valentine’s Day. Colin hopes he forgot.

“I’m sorry.” Bradley groans, “It slipped my mind.”

Bradley looks horrible, so Colin quickly adds: “It’s okay,”

“No it’s not,” Bradley pouts, “It’s Valentine’s Day and I love you. I should have gotten you something to prove it.”

“You don’t need to prove it.”

You proved it.” Bradley sulks.

“Well,” Colin say, straddling Bradley’s lap, “If you hadn’t forgotten, what would you have gotten me?”

“I would have gotten you something you really wanted.”

“And what do I really want?” Colin asks.

“Well, I don’t know. But if I had remembered Valentine’s I would have found very smart ways to find out. I would have gotten Katie on my side and she would’ve had -conversations with you.”

“And by those clever ways you would have found out that I really want a…”

“Uhm,” Bradley panics, “A fluffy new born kitty?”

“Close,” Colin says, “That would have been the second thing on my list, actually. But a kiss is the first thing on the list.”

“Oh.” Bradley grins, and leans in for a kiss.

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