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Hi everyone. I'd like to take the opportunity to apologize for my lack of fics!

My life's been sort of busy (school, exams, moving,...) and I've been kinda reading fics in another fandom for a while XD But no worries, Merlin is still where my heart belongs, I guess I just needed a break, you know?

I'm happy to announce that I've signed up (and have already started writing) for the merlinbb_rpf challenge! ♥ I'm already 6.000 words in and extremely excited. It'll be a Bradley/Colin AU and I just hope I can make this into something special you'll all enjoy reading ;)

I can't give you guys any details, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait 'til titles/summaries get released in August. Also, if any of you are interested in joining (as artists, writers-sing-up has ended already,) please go and check out the community! :)

I wrote a tiny-teeny ficlet to apologize for me disappearing on you. It's a Card!Verse ficlet in which Colin takes Bradley to meet his parents. There's not actual card because of errr reasons I wanted to explain in a next chapter, but I still have to start writing that so I hope you'll be happy with this little ficlet even if it lacks a card XD Written in a hurry, and un-beta'd, sorry!

Have a nice day, slowdead.

Colin has to hold Bradley’s hand the whole flight. Well, it’s not like he has to, but he’s pretty sure that if he doesn’t Bradley might try to run away and hide in a far away corner, or the bathroom or something. Bradley’s been folding paper-planes, one-handedly obviously, and making them crash against his thigh with all the appropriate sounds, (crashing sounds, and screams from the people inside the paper-plane.) People are starting to look a bit uncomfortable and Colin’s afraid security might come and take a look any minute now, so he puts his free hand on Bradley’s cheek and pulls him in for a quick kiss. That should keep Bradley quite long enough for the plane to land.

“They’re going to throw me out,” Bradley says, the level of panic in his voice has been steadily rising during the twenty minutes they’ve been on the bus. “They’re going to take one look at me and throw me out.”

“I thought you said you weren’t worried.” Colin remarks absently from where he’s reading the paper he got at the airport.

“I’m not worried, I’m just stating the facts.”

“Oh, yeah.” Colin says, turning a page.

“They’re going to throw you out too, you know.” Bradley huffs, “And if not you’re going to have to come with me anyway because I don’t know my way around here and --- and I don’t speak Irish.”

“That’s nice, Bradley.” Colin says slowly, he buries his face deeper in the newspaper and makes a soft huh sound.

Bradley stares at Colin for a couple of moments. He’s still making those noises to pretend he’s listening, even when Bradley’s not saying anything.

“And I’m leaving you!” Bradley says finally, probably a bit louder than strictly necessary, “I’m going to elope with Joe and we’re planning on adopting a bunch of Chinese children and we’ll start a homosexual love paradise in the mountains -- in France!”

Several people are staring at them, again, and Bradley’s face has turned quite red when Colin finally looks up and blinks. He puts the newspaper down and carefully takes Bradley’s hand again, he looks like he might start crying any moment. “Sorry, I’m listening.” Colin says.

“It’s-” Bradley’s temper deflates completely, “ Never mind.”

Bradley hasn’t even finished the “Hello Mrs. Morgan, I’m Bradley James.” he’s been practicing for the past week, before Colin’s mom’s got her arms around him and his father has shaken his hand with a big smile on his face.

Colin’s cousins hang around Bradley the whole time they’re there, they’re constantly giggling at his accent and asking him can you say that again? when it sounds particularly amusing to them. Bradley just laughs and obliges, makes sure to sound extra British. He likes to watch Colin try not to laugh.

Colin spends the whole flight back smiling at Bradley quite smugly. Bradley just says: “Yeah, yeah. Shut up.” So Colin entangles their fingers and just smiles a happy little smile. Bradley tries to, on-handedly, make origami crane birds for the rest of the flight.
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